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Video Zone

Welcome to our video gallery. See our adventures come to life in mini films!

Making Pictures

The Anamix 6 gang make pretty art.

Let's Bake

The Anamix 6 gang learn how to make low protein cupcakes.

The Trip to the Farm

The Anamix 6 find out how vegetables are grown and harvested on a farm.

The School Trip

Along with lots of their school friends, the Anamix 6 go on a coach trip to a winter wonderland

The Camping Trip

The Anamix 6 are planning to go camping! Watch as they plan what to take and what to eat.

The Gang Go To A Sleepover

It's time to pack up everything they need and have some fun at their friend's house tonight!

Big Eye's Blood Test

At first Big Eye is a bit nervous, but he has taken a friend with him for company and that makes everything better!

The Birthday Party

The Anamix 6 have been invited to a Birthday Party! What will they take to eat?

A Trip To The Clinic

Megabyte and Big Eye go to meet their dietitian at the clinic.

Let's Go To The Restaurant

As a special birthday treat, the Anamix 6 go to a restaurant to celebrate!

Everyone Is Different

We are all different in lots of ways! It would be boring if we were all the same!

The Gang Go Food Shopping

Watch how the Anamix 6 make shopping really good fun!

Introducing the Low Protein Diet

The Anamix 6 get together to teach you all about the low protein diet.