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Megabyte: a mega mouth with a mega watt smile Megabyte LOVES to eat and has the strongest white teeth of all the Anamix6. He is very proud of his gnashers which shine when he smiles. Although shorter than the others, Megabyte has a huge appetite for huge things and whips up tasty food with the whiz of a whisk! He knows 100 different ways to make ice cream and is constantly on the lookout for his next tasty nibble.

Special skills: culinary wizardry in the Anamix6 kitchen.
Hobbies: polishing his teeth and slurping soup.
Favourite Equipment: his super charged toothbrush to keep his pearly whites... pearly white.
Favourite game: apple bobbing, (he holds the record of 3 apples at once!)

Megabyte knows you must look after your teeth and reminds us to brush our teeth at least twice a day.